Our program of customer engagement technologies

ABD is developing a program of novel technologies focused on customer engagement in a retail setting. Our long-term program aims to enable ABD’s clients to attract customers, engage them in the client’s loyalty program, induce app download, deploy novel uses for projection and offer advanced skin and other bio-analytics in-store.

Smart Bracelet with Message

The bracelet utilizes LEDs and a soft battery.

The message which the customer would like to display on the bottle can be sent to the bracelet via blue tooth from a smart phone.

The message can be sent one-on-one and can also be sent by a central console to multiple parties.  It is an amazing way to jazz up the atmosphere in a party or while dating.

3D projection
The first deliverable product from this program is a novel 3D mid-air image projector for use in a retail setting. ABD’s 3D display is unlike anything in retail today.  Technically called a light field projector, the projector produces a real, fully 3D image that appears in mid-air in front of the customer.  Just like a real object, the customer’s eyes focus in mid-air where the image is, and also like a real object, the image has true look-around so the view changes with customer position. The quality of our projection makes the image indistinguishable from a real object.
Our 3D light field projector:
  • True mid-air projection of a real image.
  • No glass between the image and the viewer.
  • Eye focuses in mid-air where the image is.
  • Still or moving images.
  • Scalable:  images of single product bottle to images that fill far larger spaces.
  • Real-world look-around.
  • Image quality indistinguishable from real objects.
  • Displays can mix real objects and projected images.
  • Images may be projected outside store window for after-hours customer attraction.